CIELO’s cloud-based end-to-end IoT solution puts you in the driver’s seat for managing and optimizing all of your systems, no matter what kind of business you operate.

CIELO - Solutions for Industries

How will your business benefit from being connected with CIELO?

  • CIELO - Cinema


    Going to the movies is so much more than tickets and snacks. Connect your cinema to have more insight and deliver a better experience.
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  • CIELO - Retail


    Savvy customers want to shop anywhere, anytime so you’ve got to be on top of all your equipment and channels.
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  • CIELO - Restaurant


    Foodies want a delectable meal and a stellar experience. Everything that goes into that is up to you.
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  • CIELO - Agriculture


    Growing, harvesting and supplying food takes many forms these days. It’s much more than what it looks like on the plate.
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