More than product and price.

Digital displays, automated buying experiences, real-time geo-targeted advertising and offers, smart self-checkouts or even no checkouts at all… retail is evolving every single day. Managing today’s multichannel customer experience with precision can be overwhelming. At CIELO, we understand these challenges. We know that delivering a seamless retail experience means more than just product and price. CIELO’s IoT solution for retailers enables you to:

  • Manage your retail business equipment, checkouts and channels from anywhere with just a click
  • Address issues proactively so all devices are always up and running
  • Collaborate with your support team to quickly resolve issues
  • Reduce on-site tech hours by up to 75%
  • Access historical and real-time data about store device performance
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions with 25+ predefined and customizable automated reports

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